Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

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BNYDC has launched an aggressive development strategy. With a significant number of major developments planned and under way, BNYDC has also become increasingly conscious of the Yard's existing and potential future impact on the surrounding communities. To that end, BNYDC has set the following goals: 

  • Develop a coordinated green strategy to offset the Yard's environmental footprint; 

  • Position the Yard to be a national model for sustainable industrial parks in terms of green technology and sustainability; and 

  • Establish the Yard as an attractive location for socially-responsible and tech-driven companies.

Sustainability Initiatives Underway at the Yard

  • Supporting alternative uses for building rooftops including the installation of the largest rooftop farm in NYC
  • Reusing Navy-built buildings for their original industrial intent 
  • Constructing first multi-tenanted, multi-story industrial LEED Silver buildings in U.S. (including NYC's first roof mounted wind turbines) 
  • Requiring new buildings and full-building renovations to be certified LEED Silver, at a minimum
  • Using green technologies for renovations and maintenance, i.e. Energy Star roofs, energy efficient windows and lighting
  • Undertaking a major water / sewer project to upgrade the Yard's aging infrastructure and improve water conservation; rebuilding the road system with improved stormwater management systems, expanded landscaping with water-loving plants, and permeable asphalt 
  • Use of hybrid and low-emission vehicles for the Yard's fleet 
  • Solar-powered trash compactors and solar and wind-powered street lamps 
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products 
  • Bicycle racks and lanes