Existing Tenants

The address for the entire Brooklyn Navy Yard is 63 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205. When mailing to a business, you must include the unit number. When visiting a business, you must go to the building number.

Tenants: Review rules and regulations

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Business Names Category BLDG #
Brooklyn Urban Retail Partners, LLC. None
AddressC/O Steiner Studios
B Semmes, Cherubini, LLC A fine art studio 120
Phone Number917-535-7702
Address63 Flushing Avenue
Suite Number201
Building 131 LLC. (Caprice Electronics Inc.) Used for the distribution of electronics 131
Phone Number718-222-0436 x103
Fax Number718-222-0940
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 100
Suite Number101
C.A.C.C.I Business organization. Clearinghouse for business related information 5
Phone Number718-834-4544
Fax Number718-834-9774
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 239
Suite NumberA
Capsys Corp. Modular homes construction company
Phone Number718-403-0050
Fax Number718-643-4820
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 240
Carrie Dashow Used as an Artist Studio 62
Phone Number917-821-7024
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 214
Suite Number206
Casual Films, Inc. Film production company. 77
Phone Number212-796-4933
Address73 Calyer Street
Suite Number902
Caswell Studios Artisan 131
Phone Number917-528-6101
Address63 Flushing Avenue
Suite Number206
Chase Office Supplies, Ltd. Distribution of new and used office furniture and supplies 3
Phone Number718-852-9400
Fax Number718-852-9406
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 244
Suite Number203
Circle Studio Production of window treatments for homes, offices and movie sets 62
Phone Number718-422-7827
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 209
Suite Number301