Existing Tenants

The address for the entire Brooklyn Navy Yard is 63 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205. When mailing to a business, you must include the unit number. When visiting a business, you must go to the building number.

Tenants: Review rules and regulations

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Business Names Category BLDG #
Bre & Co., LLC 3-D printing and prototyping 275
Phone Number904-309-5002
AddressOne Furnance Dock Road
Suite Number101
BRIC Arts/Media/Bklyn Used for storage of electronic equipment, files, furniture and general merchandise 77
Address63 Flushing Avenue
Suite Number12C
Brinks, Inc. Armored car service 700
Phone Number718-260-2121
Fax Number718-260-2131
Address63 Flushing Avenue
Suite Number101B
Brooklyn Events Center, LLC Storage of modular units and accommodate trailer and bus parking
AddressBarclays Center
Brooklyn Grange, LLC Commercial rooftop farm and event space 3
Phone Number608-215-0218
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 116
Suite Number1105
Brooklyn Roasting Company Coffee Roasters
Brooklyn Urban Retail Partners, LLC. None
AddressC/O Steiner Studios
Building 131 LLC. (Caprice Electronics Inc.) Used for the distribution of electronics 131
Phone Number718-222-0436 x103
Fax Number718-222-0940
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 100
Suite Number101
C.A.C.C.I Business organization. Clearinghouse for business related information 5
Phone Number718-834-4544
Fax Number718-834-9774
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 239
Suite NumberA
Capsys Corp. Modular homes construction company
Phone Number718-403-0050
Fax Number718-643-4820
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 240