Existing Tenants

The address for the entire Brooklyn Navy Yard is 63 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205. When mailing to a business, you must include the unit number. When visiting a business, you must go to the building number.

Tenants: Review rules and regulations

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Business Names Category BLDG #
DFORM, Inc. Design and manufacture of lighting fixtures 5
Phone Number718-384-6887
Fax Number718-599-5931
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit 178
Suite Number317
Dieu Donne Paper Mill, Inc. Non for profit papermill company 3
Phone Number212-226-0573
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit 112
Suite Number602
Discount Office Services Inc. ASA Vending Machines
Phone Number718-450-8716
Address856 East 136th St
Dive NYC, LLC A business incubator space
Phone Number212-838-3709
Address14 East 4th Street
D & R Wholesale, Inc Used for storage of general merchandise 77
Phone Number718-643-1141
Fax Number646-292-5120
Address63 Flushing Avenue
Suite Number4
Duggal Color Projects, Inc. Visual image factory and studio 500
Phone Number212-242-7000
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 122
Suite Number105
Duggal Inc. Visual image factory and studio 62
Phone Number718-237-8900
Fax Number212-242-6660
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 122
Suite Number101
Duggal Visual Solutions, Inc. Used exclusively for manufacturing visual imagery factory studio purposes and such other ancillary uses. 25
Address10 West 24th Street
Duo Leasing Ltd. Leasing of cars and office equipment 58
Phone Number718-782-0500
Fax Number718-782-0599
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 359
Suite Number2B
Eastern Transport Inc. trucking company 52
Phone Number718-222-0928
Fax Number718-222-0929
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 228
Suite Number101