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Business Names Category BLDG #
25 WA Associates, LLC. Space will be used as a movie studio. Affiliated with Steiner Studios/Eponymous Steiner Studios Phase 2
Phone Number1-718-858-1600
Address63 Flushing Avenue C/O Steiner Studios
Abby Lichtman A textile design studio 62
Phone Number609-922-4969
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 378
Suite Number207
Accurate Knitting Corp. Used for manufacturing sweaters 3
Phone Number718-797-4404
Fax Number718-797-4406
Address63 Flushing Ave., Unit# 265
Suite Number201
Active Fire Sprinkler NYC, LLC Design, fabrication, and installation of building sprinkler systems 50
Phone Number718-834-8300
Fax Number718-834-4887
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 216
Suite Number101st
Adele Kaufman Co Distributor of book covering material and paper 280
Phone Number718-643-6865
Fax Number718-246-9206
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 103
Suite Number615
Aero Conditioner Company. LLC Manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment 5
Phone Number718-643-5151
Fax Number718-643-9601
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 236
Suite Number315
Agger Fish Corp. Import/export and processing of marine products
Phone Number718-855-1717
Fax Number718-855-4545
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit #313
AIS Furniture Refinishing, Inc. Assembly and refinishing of old and new furniture 280
Phone Number718-852-4906
Fax Number718-852-5435
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit # 105
Suite Number601
Akiva Supplies, Inc. Distributor of office supplies 120
Phone Number718-403-0036
Fax Number718-488-0902
Address63 Flushing Avenune, Unit #218
Suite Number206
All County Business Essentials Distributor of office supplies
Phone Number718-935-9400
Fax Number718-935-9403
Address63 Flushing Avenue, Unit #219