Summer Internship Program 2017 At the Brooklyn Navy Yard

BNYDC’s mission is to fuel New York City’s economic vitality by creating and preserving quality jobs, growing the City’s modern industrial sector and its businesses, and connecting the local community with the economic opportunity and resources of the Yard. As part of this mission, BNYDC is excited to welcome our third group of local students to our Summer Internship Program.

The BNYDC Summer Internship Program connects college-attending or college-bound young adults with Navy Yard-based businesses for 8 week summer internships. The Summer Internship Program gives undergraduate students an opportunity to gain real work experience, exposure to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the industrial sector, and the opportunity to earn a salary during the summer that may supplement their college costs.

Program Outline:

  • Interns are matched by the BNYDC with a Navy Yard-based business. These will include manufacturing, design, media, and technology based businesses. Navy Yard businesses will provide each student with a meaningful work experience.  

  • Interns are expected to demonstrate exceptional work ethic and professionalism at all times while being employed by BNYDC. At the end of the program, employers will submit an intern evaluation.  

  • Internship roles vary based on accepted interns’ previous experiences and skill-sets, and the needs of businesses within the Navy Yard where interns are placed. Roles include administrative support roles; technical roles in engineering, design, media, and programming; marketing and sales roles; and summer camp counselor roles.

  • Two sessions are available to accepted interns. Each student is required to choose only one (1) session in which he/she will participate in.  

    •     Session 1:  June 5, 2017 to July 28, 2017                   

    •     Session 2:  June 26, 2017 to August 18, 2017 (graduating high school seniors from public schools will have a late start on June 29, 2017 since their classes end the previous day)

  • Before the start of their session, all interns must attend a BNYDC Internship Orientation Session.

  • All interns commit to a 40 hour work week with a one hour unpaid lunch break each day. This totals to 35 paid hours each week.  

  • All interns are compensated at $11/hr.


  • Interns are selected based on their demonstration of strong communication skills, work ethic, and track record of commitment and achievement.

  • Students must be able to present documentation that indicates their current enrollment in a college program or admission to a college.  The program is available to undergraduate students who have not yet graudated college only.

  • If under 18, working papers must be provided. Working papers can be obtained from your school.


  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The deadline for all applications is April 15, 2017.

  • Limited internships are available, so applications should be sent in as soon as possible. Applicants accepted earlier in the process will have greater likelihood of matching to an internship role in their desired field(s).

  • To apply:

    • Complete the application form and a resume, and send both to If needed, you may also mail your application and resume to Summer Internship Program, Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, Unit 300, Brooklyn, NY 11205.

    • Once your application is received, we will reach out to you via email to schedule an interview.

Interview Process and Selection Criteria:

We will interview all eligible applicants for the summer internship. The interview is an important step in selecting our intern group for the summer, and it is also an opportunity for you to practice your interviewing skills. To have a successful interview, please review the selection criteria and helpful hints below.

We look for intern candidates who express strengths across the following selection criteria:

* Communication: We want to see you clearly communicate ideas and respond to questions. We are also observing your presence and how you connect with others.
* Commitment: We want to understand the activities you are currently committed to and how you follow through on commitments.
* Past Results: We want to understand what you have been able to accomplish in the past in school, in activities, and in previous jobs.
* Adaptability: We want to understand how you adapt to different environments and situations.
* Internship Fit: We want to understand why you are interested in interning at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and what you hope to get out of it.

As you apply and prepare for your interview, we suggest you:

* Research the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the tenant businesses that are located on the Yard
* Be ready to talk about your interests, experiences, and future goals
* Dress professionally and ensure you have sufficient time to get to the Navy Yard


This is a wonderful opportunity for college students and businesses on the Yard, and we are looking forward to hearing from you! Please email any questions to