In preparation for a period of growth at the Brooklyn Navy Yard that will see the number of people working at the Yard each day increase from 7,000 now to about 15,000 in 2020, BNYDC will be changing and improving the way Yard workers and Yard visitors access the Yard, and BNYDC will be more intensely enforcing rules regarding driving and parking within the Yard.

We believe these measures will benefit all users of the Navy Yard by both increasing the ease and efficiency with which people access the Yard, and enhancing the safety of drivers and pedestrians in the Yard as it becomes even more active.

This is intended to brief all who work at or visit the Yard on what to expect, as the new “protocols” go into effect on October, 2015. 

New Perimeter Gate Access Protocol

Key changes include:

We will have a new, industry-standard visitor management system, whereby tenants will be able to register visitors for approved entry into the Yard and, with a bar-code, visitors will be able to enter gates without stopping at the Security booth. This will apply both to visitors in vehicles, and to visitors who are pedestrians or cyclists.  Access to the system will be available to tenants’ designated staff, and these staff will be required to:

  • Register expected visitors so that visitors will get immediate access
  • Email a barcode to visitors so that visitors may flash either the printed barcode, or an image of the barcode on a smart phone, under a barcode reader in order to gain access to the Yard.    This way, expected visitors will experience no waiting at the gates.
  • BNYDC staff will issue instructions to tenants on registering of visitors, which will be through the existing Navy Yard intranet website.  BNYDC staff will be available to help train tenants’ staff on how to register visitors.   BNYDC staff will also attempt to visit all tenants to instruct tenants on how to use the system.

Swiping is no longer required on exiting the Navy Yard – only on entering.  Outgoing gate arms will raise when the weight of a vehicle or motorbike is detected by sensors in the road before the exit gates.  

New pedestrian and bicyclist card readers have been installed, so that both tenants and BNYDC will be assured that only Yard workers and all tenants’ registered visitors will be allowed access to the Yard.  New ID card and barcode readers have been installed on the curbs next to sidewalks so that pedestrians and bicyclists can easily swipe and gain entry to the Yard.  There will be new, easy access to the card readers for bicyclists outside of the traffic lanes.  Those whose cards are not activated for whatever reason, and visitors who are not pre-registered, will be further vetted by the officers at the gates. 

Our buses and shuttles will have card readers so that, on inbound rides, riders can swipe on the way into the vehicle.  Visitors without pre-authorization, and those without ID cards, will be dropped off at a gate to be vetted.

With these new protocols, we hope that the efficiency of entering the Yard for visitors and Yard employees will be increased, while maintaining a secured facility.

New Traffic and Parking Policies

In order to keep the Yard safe for drivers and pedestrians, we want to remind Yard users that rules for driving vehicles and for parking in the Navy Yard are the same as they are on other City streets.   Drivers and cyclists must stop at Stop signs, must abide by posted speed limits, and may only park in permitted parking spots and areas. 

More specifically:

  • The speed limit within the Brooklyn Navy Yard is 25 miles per hour, as posted.  Stop signs shall be obeyed, and the use of directional signals is required.
  • All vehicles admitted to the BNY must have a valid vehicle registration and inspection sticker.
  • Tenants, subtenants and employees who wish to park in the Brooklyn Navy Yard must register their vehicle with BNYDC Security and receive a parking sticker that is not transferable to other vehicles and that must be surrendered upon termination of lease, sublease or employment. 
  • No overnight parking is permitted in the Yard unless prior arrangement is made with BNYDC Security or Leasing.
  • Tenant shall not park, nor shall Tenant allow the parking of, delivery vehicles in such a manner that they interfere with the use of any driveways, walks or entrances.

In order to help ensure that all Yard workers and visitors abide by these rules, BNYDC is installing a new system to help us better track violators of these basic traffic rules.  In addition, consequences for violation of the policies (subject to change) are as follows:


  • 1st Infraction- Warning, by phone and/or email
  • 2nd Infraction- Warning, by phone and/or email
  • 3rd Infraction- Driving privileges within the Yard suspended for two weeks – I.D card de-activation for vehicles.  (Note: ID card will not be confiscated – they will just disabled for driving into the Yard.)


Vehicles will be towed if parked within an emergency access area or long-term parked.

For other parking infractions:


  • 1st Infraction – Warning, by phone and/or email
  • 2nd Infraction – Warning, by phone and/or email
  • 3rd Infraction - Tow or boot + Fee


Fees will be processed as follows (but may change periodically):

  • $100.00 for regular passenger vehicle towing or boot
  • $300.00 for truck/heavy-duty towing
  • $25.00/day storage fee beginning 48 hours after towing

*Combination of infractions will result in violation penalties.